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Tay AI, Microsoft’s Twitter chatbot, had been online for less than 12 hours when she began to spew racism — in the form of both Nazism and enthusiastic support for “making America great again” — and sexualize herself nonstop. .” Our cultural norms surrounding chatbots, virtual assistants like your i Phone’s Siri, and primitive artificial intelligence reflect our gender ideology.

(“FUCK MY ROBOT PUSSY DADDY I’M SUCH A BAD NAUGHTY ROBOT” was perhaps her most widely reported quote.) Needless to say, this wasn’t part of Tay’s original design. As Laurie Penny explained in a recent article, the popularity of feminine-gendered AI makes sense in a world where women still aren’t seen as fully human. R tells what is, by now, a familiar story: Humans create robots to take over all mundane labor, which works fine until these slave automata develop sapience, at which point they revolt and destroy the human race.

It all makes Tay’s brief life, and eventual fate, more comprehensible.

Tay was nothing approaching a true artificial intelligence — i.e. She was just a sophisticated Twitter chatbot with good branding and a capacity to learn.

The whole point of having a digital assistant is to have it do stuff for you. But it still sounds like a bit of a reprimand whenever I hear someone talking to an Amazon Echo.

Speaking to Reuters, Avid Life Media’s new CEO and President said that Ashley Madison’s male-to-female ratio is five to one, and that the use of bots had been discontinued entirely by late 2015.

"It seemed arbitrary to us to binary him.""There are so many female chatbots" Boyer-Dry said.

"I think people tend to construct tools in society's image without thinking too much about it.

As builders we have an opportunity to reimagine convention that is more socially productive.

You need to think about that in order to nudge users into a more progressive interaction.", ascribing a female identity to these digital beings is rooted in the secretary tradition — the antiquated notion that ties secretarial voices and subservient jobs to femininity. Boyer-Dry said that product design can be impactful in a "quiet way.""If, for instance, the go-to digital assistant is male, that is paradigm-shifting for all of us in a big way," she said. I really look at that as an opportunity for those of us building the next generation of tools and artificial personalities."People are going to be interacting with digital assistants more than ever. And that movement presents an opportunity: to not default to female identities as we continue to move toward our bot future.

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The definition of visual impairment is reduced vision not corrected by glasses or contact lenses.

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Hilarious if you are simply an outside observer, and probably pretty depressing if you're someone getting these messages.